Langhuis three lightinstallations

location: Galerie Het Langhuis Goudsteeg 8 Zwolle, dimensions: first room second floor aprox: 650x450 cm. second room second floor aprox: 500x300x800 cm. groundfloor windows aprox: 240x160

Three lightinstallations were created in Galerie Het Langhuis. An artinitiative in Zwolle situated in a 17th centuary building. The unique construction of this space is specifically defined by the crooked walls and floors. The extremity of this being off scale and balance somehow seems a balance within itself. In this I imagined how invisible lines could hold it all together. These were thus translated in lines of light reflecting the construction like a mirror image. It brought a new focus on the space and aimed to draw attention to the enduring elements that mark the environment. On the ground floor daylight came in through the windows in a repetitive line pattern denoting a form of energy that runs through the solid wall. At night the pattern was projected outward making it visible from the street drawing new attention to the building.

On the second floor two installations were constructed of thin nylon threads with a fluorescent yellow pigment. The lines were barely visible from certain angles and melted together as screens from other angles. The spectator moved through the first space underneath/past the installation and entered the second installation through an archway. On approaching the first installation the crooked floor is physically felt as one walks over it. This sensation is enhanced visually by the counter balance created with the thin nylon threads.The first half of the exhibition the installations were lit up by daylight giving it a sensation of sunbeams projecting within. The second half of the exhibition the space was obscured and lit up with blacklights. This created a complete transformation turning it into an almost surreal environment.

interview by cut-up media