Dream on Performance


In the garden of Villa Veldhoeve, where I used to have a studio, there are two rows of trees. The trees are bundled together real close and the lines are quite straight and parallel, forming a path in the middle. In the summer when the treetops are filled with leaves the path becomes a tree tunnel. For quite some time I had been experimenting with painting slides, using glass paints and different materials combined. I really had no idea what to do with these slides untill I saw these rows of trees. I wondered what it would look like if I projected on them so I tried and the effect was quite stunning. The rithm of the trees one behind the other capturing the projection gave a great sense of depth. Together with performance artists Jacqueline van Oostveen and Kathy Pullara we started experimenting with movement between the trees. From here on we developed a performance piece, where the performers would react with their movements on the slides. Everything was visually based and created a mood rather than really telling a story. We had put together a piece of music to complete it finally. We showed the performance at the 'Open Nacht'. It lasted for 15 minutes. We repeated the performance several times that evening.