Waanzin was a theatre piece written and directed by Rabea Kiel. It was quite a heavy complex piece which dealt with the theme of insanity and cruelty in mankind using and interpreting texts of Marquis de Sade. I was asked by the director to react visually on four scenes. These were choreographed scenes. The first scene was an abstraction of womanhood. I used fleshy textures and colours for this projected on the actors. The next scene was a physicall workout. I projected abstract shapes that looked like the inside of a human body on the back wall. After the 'work out' the exhausted actors took on a different pose with each slide melting into picture. The third scene was an abstraction of manhood. It was a tribal dance pushing once again the physicall limits of the body. I used organic tree/leaflike textures and earthy colours projected on the actors. The final scene was also a tribal dance. The textures and colours were still earthlike but more open like a desert landscape. The play was on for five nights in a small theatre Perdu in Amsterdam.