Targetti Light Art Award

Targetti is an Italian Light Company based in Florence. Over the past eight years the company has developed a light art collection established by curator Amnon Barzel, which is kept and showed at the Villa Sfacciata. Since the last four years contributions to this collection are made through an international open competition directed at young artists (under 35). There are two categories: light works being wall installations and lightsculpture being three dimensional works. I entered the competition in the category light works and became a finalist giving me the opportunity to get funding in produce the idea for the work. It ended up winning the second prize and is now officially part of the Targetti Light Art Collection. As a part of this collection the work will also be showed in museums around the world. More information on the collection can be found on

news post on site: new stars on light debut at the Artefiera

Award received by Amnon Barzel at the Artefiere in Bologna januari 2006

June 2006 Targetti Light Art collection at MUAR Moscow / May 2006 Interview for Lighting Today Magazine Singapore klik picture to read

01-02-2008 publication Targetti Lightart Award Italy