Dagblad de Limburger

29th of May 1997 "Kunst in Monschau' by Wiele Beijer


An old man gives his house a fresh layer of grey paint. A little further up the road next to the AuklosterTamar Frank, from Amsterdam, pulls her rubber pants high up over her chest, descends the ladder, disappears,wading carefully through the rapids of the river Rur, with a bucket of paint and a paintroller in her hands, under the small stone bridge. Helped by fellow students she is painting the bottom of the bridge bright yellow.It is her waterreflecting contribution to the Weichmacher project. The locals and visitors do not really understandwhat is happening in this little town these days. A woman curiously asks if these young people have to do this work as a form of punishment. Have they been up to misschief? A local comes to have a look outside an sais:" Hopefully they will remove the paint afterwards, the bridge is pretty enough without that yellow colour"