Curriculum Vitae


birth date:

19th may 1974
1992 - 1997
Theatex 1st degree teaching in art and craft, ABK Academie Beeldende Kunsten
Academy of Fine Arts Maastricht, one year
  OBV Creative Therapy, ABK Maastricht, completed  
  Monumental Design/ Fine Arts, ABK Maastricht completed  
Solo Exhibitions  
2008 Petersburg Projectspace Frans de Wollantstraat 84, Amsterdam Holland  
2006 Vishal Kleine Zaal 'After Dark' Grote Markt 20, Haarlem Holland  
  Galerie Het Langhuis, Goudsteeg 8 Zwolle Holland  
2003 Moira Exhibitionspace, Wolvenstraat 10 Utrecht Holland  
1997 'Hedah Achter Glas' Hedah Behind Glas, Hedah Centre of Contemporary Art Maastricht  
  location: Cortenstraat Maastricht Holland  
Group Exhibitions  
2009/2010 'Into the Light' for project Error14 Koraalberg Gallery Antwerp Belgium  
2009 'Spatial Transition III' i.c.w. David Testas for Gooise Vrouwen in de Kunst Museum Hilversum Holland  
2008/2009 'Serena' installation i.c.w. Rudolf Nottrot for 'Kantlijnen' Hospitaalmuseum Bruges Belgium  
2008 Dante's Hemel lightart exhibition Kunstgroep de Compagnie Veghel Holland  
2007 Kunstlijn 'Tunnelvision II' for exhibition 'Thank you mr. Edison' Vishal Haarlem Holland  
  'Tunnelvision I' for exhibition 'Kleine zaal gaat GROOT' Vishal haarlem Holland  
  Deep Space Kunstlichtmuseum Eindhoven Holland 'Spatial Transition II' i.c.w. Marten de Wind  
2006 Targetti light art collection 2006 at MUAR International Museum of Architecture Moscow  
2005 'Audiotoop' Extrapool Nijmegen Holland 'Spatial Transition' i.c.w. Marten de Wind (sound)  
'Eindmanifestatie' Hooghuis Art Initiative Arnhem Holland ' Artificial Cosmos II, i.c.w. David Testas (sound)
'Nacht Hotel' Villa Veldhoeve Ateliers Hilversum Holland 'Artificial Cosmos' i.c.w. David Testas (sound)
Galerii Sztuki Wspolczesnej Opole Poland, lightprint
2002 Open Ateliers Villa Veldhoeve Ateliers Hilversum Holland, lightinstallation in studio  
2001 Open Nacht Villa Veldhoeve Ateliers Hilversum Holland, installation in hallway 'Arch' and in  
  garden 'sphere'  
2000 'Switch on-Switch off' Exedra Centre of Contemporary Art Design and Architecture Hilversum  
  Holland, two lightinstallations 'Bridge through Space' and 'Window Focus'  
1998 'Contact' Hedah Centre for Contemporary Art Maastricht, location: Koestraat Maastricht Holland  
  selection of Dutch and Chinese artists  
  'Amnifestatie' Ezelmarkt Maastricht Holland, lightinstallation for Amnesty International  
1997 Galerie van Laethem, Oud rekem Belgium, selction of art students from Maastricht and  
  Hasselt Art Academies  
  Finals presentation, Hof van tilly Maastricht Holland, two light installations and launch website  
Landbouwbelang Maastricht Holland, slide projections
  Neuer Achener Kunstverein Aken Germany, lightprint  
1996 Art Initiative ' De Deur' Maastricht Holland, lightinstallation and slide projections  
Projects on Location  
2010 Light Path Crossing for Lyslyd event Albertslund Denmark  
  Exotentroost two installations in Pinetum botanical gardens Hilversum Holland  
  Fyns Kunstmuseum light installation on Funen Museum Odense Denmark  
2009 Salacia for Beaufort03 Art by the Coast Middelkerke Belgium  
  Reflexions 3 installations for Lyslyd event Albertslund Denmark  
2008 Lichtkunst in de Watertoren light installation in water tower Coevorden Holland  
2007 Lumineus Amersfoort installations 'Lichtcirkel' and 'Twee bogen' for lightart route Amersfoort Holland  
2006 Open Stal Church Olderberkoop: lightinstallation for art route Oldeberkoop Holland  
2005 'Magdat?' Tagrijn Hilversum Holland: lightinstallation in staircase for opening of cultural youth centre  
2004 'Moira op Locatie: Fort Ruigenhoek' de Bilt Holland: light installation in former explosives storage with  
  phosphorescent pigment  
  'Belicht Heimwee' Haarlem Holland: light installation connecting the penitentiary: Koepelgevangenis  
  and the copper bridge watchers' house title: 'Mother and Daughter'  
2003 Dag aan de Gracht' Plompetorengracht Utrecht Holland: 5 light panels in the kanal  
  Polderlicht' Verheij Sporthal Amsterdam Holland: light installation in the old gascontainer of the East  
  gas company to be viewed from outside  
2000 'Hedah Buiten' Citypark Maastricht Holland: lightinstallation with nylon threads under bridge  
1997 Evangelische Brucke' Monschau Germany: light installation with yellow pigment under bridge  
2010 Kulturhus Dreiume commissioned by council of Zutphen  
2009 final assignement West Pender Place commissioned by Reliance Holdings Vancouver Canada  
  sketch assignment Sporthal commissioned by council of Wijchen  
2008 Ministry of Economic affairs The Hague installation in hallway  
  sketch assignment traffic police Assen commissioned by Atelier Rijksbouwmeester  
  sketch assignment for 11 bridges in Den Haag commissioned by Lichtvormgevers  
  sketch assignment for lightart project 'Trajectum Lumen' commissioned by council of Utrecht  
2007 'Ave Maria' elderly care centre, integrated light art for new building project in Geulle commissioned by  
  SKOR (Foundation for Art in Public Space) and Cicero Zorggroep  
  sketch assignment for buildingproject Prinsenhof in Beverwijk commissioned by Ingenuity Projects Almere  
2006 final assignment for plan 'stadsentrees' artwork planned for Diependaalselaan roundabout  
  commissioned by council of Hilversum  
2005 'Theater de Lampegiet' seven light pillars in fornt of theatre i.c.w. Huibers en Jarring Architects  
  Veenendaal Holland, commissioned by council of Veenendaal department regie en beleid  
2003 sketch assignment for school in Alkmaar commissioned by council of Alkmaar  
2002 Villa Zebra Childrens Museum: windows to terrace Rotterdam Holland  
2001 sketch assignment for water purifying industry in Hengelo commissioned by TIME Eindhoven  
  Expotech office lightinstallation, Kollenbergweg Amsterdam commissioned by Artolive Amsterdam  
1999 Dinkelwegtunnel: light installation commissioned by Council of Hoorn i.c.w. Arcadis Architectenbureau  
  department MSO Projectenbureau Hoorn  
1998 Café de Witte Ballons: light-wall installation Brusselsestraat 101 Maastricht  
2002 'Waanzin' for theatre production 'Het Verdriet van Zeedijk' Perdu Theatre Amsterdam, lightprojections  
2001 'Dream On' i.c.w. De Rode Mutsen performance duo Villa Veldhoeve Hilversum, lightprojections  
Prizes and Grants  
2008 LICC London International Creative Competition shortlisted with 'Spatial Transition II'  
2006 Targetti Light Art Award 2nd prize in the category 'light works' Targetti Florence Italy  
2003-2005 Basisstipendium Fonds voor Beeldende Kunsten Amsterdam; grant for artists who have been  
  professionally active for at least 4 years  
1999-2000 Startstipendium Fonds voor Beeldende Kunsten Amsterdam: grant for beginning artists  
1997 'Prix Céramique' design for an artwork for Céramique Square designed by Jo Coenen Architects  
Press and Publications  
2010 Avro's Kunstuur  
  Beelden Magazine  
2009 Lighting Design Index  
  Gooise Vrouwen catalogue  
  A Prior Magazine Beaufort03 edition with tekst by JCJ vanderHeyden  
  Beaufort03 catalogue  
2008 Kunstlicht 'lichtkunst in de openbare ruimte' interview  
  Gooi en Eemlander 'Artwork roundabout needs to become a landmark'  
  LICC01 London International Creative Competition publication  
  Luxes Magazine Mexico 'Las imagenes de Luz de Tamar Frank'  
  Targetti Light Art Awards publication  
  Radio Loco radio interview  
  Dagblad Het Noorden 'Enlightening example Coevorden'  
  Coevorder Huisaanhuis 'Trick seduces people to observe'  
2007 AD Amersfoort 'Lightroute is more than worth the effort'  
  publication municipality Hilversum 'Art on the Roundabout Diependaalselaan'  
  'In Woord en Beeld' (in word and image) publication on art in public space Veenendaal  
  'Fiets Kunstroute Hoorn Kersenboogerd' ( Bike Art route in Hoorn Kersenboogerd) publication  
2006 Cut-up mediaInterview for online magazine  
  Open stal kunstroute 2006 catalogue  
  Lighting Today Magazine Singapore 'Targetti Light Awards 2006'  
  Audiotoop Nijmegen publication Extrapool  
  Basta Maastricht 'Het licht van Tamar Frank' (The light of Tamar Frank)  
2004 Polderlicht Amsterdam dvd  
  Utrechts Nieuwsblad 'Kunst met vleugje magie' (Art with a touch of magic)  
  catalogue 'Belicht Heimwee' (lit up longing)  
  Haarlems Dagblad 'Heel Haarlem besmet met Heimwee' (Haarlem infected with longing)  
2003 Utrechts Nieuwsblad 'Licht van kilometers nylondraad' (light from kilometers of nylon thread)  
  Interview Meertv Utrecht  
  Gooi en Eemlander 'Cosmos'  
  Galerij Sztuki Wspolczesnej 'Art without borders: The Dutch in Opole' publication  
2002 Radio Rijnmond, Interview for cultural program HIER  
  Exedra 'Tussen Lijn Feit en Fictie' (between line fact and fiction) publication  
2001 H5 CDROM 5 Years Hedah Maastricht  
2000 Cultuurkrant Hilversum 'Tamar Frank en Hugo Lammerink: een ruimtelijke verkenning van Exedra  
  (Tamar Frank and Hugo Lammerink: a spatial exploration of Exedra)  
1997 Dagblad de Limburger 'Kunst in Monschau' (Art in Monschau)