Dagblad Het Noorden 11-01-08


Enlightening example Coevorden

Coevorden- Giving cultural heritage a new function. The council of Coevorden has given an enlightening example of this in a literal sense. In 2005 the water tower was chosen as monument of the year. Since the water tower is no longer in function, the water company of Drenthe, had the tower, which has been built on the former fortress walls, restored and given it a new platform. Artists are invited to create light installations. This year artist Tamar Frank(33) from Hilversum made a light installation. Last night her project, which was inspired by the anniversary of the town rights of Coevorden, was initiated via a sensor during the opening.

Artists are given the chance till 2009 to make an installation to attract attention. “Last year the project was a bit of flop,” says Esselien de Groot of the association Coevorden 600 years. “We opened the light installation during the summertime. That was not so practical. For that reason we now open the installation of Frank until the 31st of March. It should be more visible in the evenings.”

The foundation chose Frank’s design because in her idea she related to the anniversary of the town by using its original star shaped form. Frank started working with light art at the Art Academy in Maastricht. From a distance a red light can be seen at top of the tower, alerting people on the activities in the tower. Frank is technically assisted by Ed Dammers. “ I have been intensely actively involved with the work for the last month,” says Frank. “I wanted to produce the work from the original design as perfectly as possible. The light affects the space, reacts on people who enter the tower and tells a story about the history of the town. On entering a sensor activates the light program."