Gooi en Eemlander 07-08-08


Artwork roundabout needs to become a landmark

Artist from Hilversum Tamar Frank designs Dudok style tower

By Simone Stevens

Hilversum – if things work out accordingly we can expect to see an artwork on the roundabout Diependaalselaan/Utrechtseweg by next spring. The artwork is meant to emphasize the entrance of the town. It is designed by the Hilversum based artist Tamar Frank (34) who has indicated how she could not ignore Dudok concerning the theme of architecture.

“The most important architect of the town” says Frank, “with the municipality building as the grandest work”  And she looks out on this municipality building from her apartment in the centre of town. “I see the tower every day.” The flowing lines in his architecture especially appeals to her. “For this he even produced his own bricks.”

Using this as a starting point Frank began to work. The result is a square, elongated tower six meters high and 1,10 meters wide on all four sides. An artwork of steel combined with transparent vertical and horizontal lines of light, produced in colored plexiglass and lit up inside by one light source.

The frontal view will be different from both sides of the Diependaalselaan and the Utrechtseweg. On entering from the A27 visitors will be confronted with three long vertical lines of warm yellow light. “Quite a compelling image, something that will not go by unnoticed and will hopefully become a beacon for people.  A landmark.” By coincidence the colors for her design turned out to fit the yellow and blue of Hilversum. “I observed the colors of the surrounding heath land, it contains these warm yellows and grey blues.”

For Frank ( a commission so close to home is a comfortable difference form Groningen, Drenthe or Limburg. “Almost a luxury that I can just hop on my bike to go and have a look at the location.”