A project was established in Monshau, an old picturesque village in Germany in the Eiffel ( a stretch of hills that also runs into Belgium where it is known as the Ardennes). The council of Monschau had asked the Maastricht Art School if they wanted to involve students in introducing art throughout the village and it's surroundings. 45 students were selected to participate in transforming this ancient village into an art fest which was coordinated by Jo Seien en Jean Pierre Zoetbrood.

The last time something radical like this had happened was in the 1970's when Christo had packaged half the village! Something they're very proud of and they wanted to proceed in being an active participant with modern art movements and so long as it wasn't extremely dangerous anything was possible. So I selected an old stone bridge called the 'Evangelische Brucke' and decided to paint it bright yellow from the bottom. The area that needed to be painted was 150m2 and I had 5 assistants helping me: Marc, Jeroen, Sascha, Amanda and Lotte. I am eternally grateful for their voluntary help here. It was extremely strenuous work and cold too. A special thank you also to Matt the concierge who saved the day! And I never got a chance to thank my sponsor: The Anti Graffiti Teufel, who removed everything for me when the project was over.

The result was worth all the trouble. When the sun stood low, in the morning and the evening, it would reflect on the water surface underneath the bridge making the yellow pigment glow like gold! Unfortunately, since these moments were time-based, it could not be seen throughout the day in this height of concentration.





Dagblad de Limburger