Spatial Transition III

in collaboration with David Testas

Location: Museum Hilversum Kerkbrink Hilversum
Size: height x width x length 350 x 460 x 500 cm.

This installation was part of the exhibition Gooise Vrouwen in de Kunst depicting an overview of work by female artists who have lived in Het Gooi. A region of villages between Amsterdam and Utrecht where many artists have resided including Joseph Israels and Piet Mondriaan. The work shown dated from 1850 till today. I built a light installation Spatial Transition III in collaboration with David Testas who provided the sound. A dark room was constructed secluded from the open museum hall. This space was modified to create the right conditions to make this installation. On all four walls a graphic pattern was drawn showing deviating perspectives. These lines were painted in phosphorescent blue pigment. On entering the walls were washed with indirect blue light accompanied by a low pulsating sound. After one minute a stroboscope started flashing accompanied by a high opressing sound. After thirty seconds the blue light extinguised. The stroboscope continued flashing revealing parts of the linear pattern. After thirty seconds the stroboscope stopped and the space was left in darkness. The linear pattern was left visible as an afterglow accompanied by a soft sound like a breeze. The original space seemed to have transformed and enlarged. The sequence lasted 4 minutes.

Museum Hilversum:

st by J.

publication: Gooise vrouwen in de kunst