Location: Vishal Grote Markt 20 Haarlem dimensions: 260x100x680 cm.

This installation was built in two parts and participated in two exhibitions. The first exhibition was 'de kleine zaal gaat GROOT' (the small space goed large). Here all artists who had exhibited in the 'small room' in the previous season were invited to show a work in large space of The Vishal. This exhibition was curated by Bianca Vooges. For more information on my contribution in 'the small room' see 'After Dark'. De Vishal is an art initiative that has settled in a hallway which was formerly used to distribute fish for the market. It is an impressive space but also very dominant and thus difficult to compete with. I decided to make a light installation that was hidden behind a false wall at the back of the exhibition space. The installation formed a tunnel and I emphasized this with a blue rhythmical light pattern projected from above. The spectator was invited to discover this space and could enter it alone thus secluding him/herself from the vast surroundings. This first installation was 'Tunnelvision I'. 'Tunnelvision II' was part a lighart exhibition called 'Thank you Mr. Edison' This was organized as part of an art route through Haarlem: Kunstlijn. In addition to the rhythmical pattern of the blue lines projected from above I added a focus point in the back wall. This was constructed in different layers leaving a diffuse yellow square that stretched out vertically.

More information can be found on the web site of De Vishal

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