Catalogue for Artroute in Oldeberkoop


Tamar Frank (Amsterdam 1974) makes installations with day/ artificial light in environments and spaces. Here she reacts on existing elements that are specific to the location. By moving the concentration towards a new focus she tries to allow the viewer undergo what he/she is perceiving visually. The approach is minimal and borders on the nonmaterial. She recaps the sensation of we 'think' we see and what we really see. The essence of the work lies on undergoing the experience and to let the spectator be an active participant of this. The installations are usually integrated in their existing environment and melt together in such a way that at first sight they might not be recognized. A vigilant eye shall discover that there is something more going on. Sometimes the work takes time to manifest itself. The changes appear as subtle but once they have been noticed they will remain keep the concentration captivated and linger.