Lightobjects extended a strange glow, slides, film and video-images were projected on buildings, shreds of sound came from dark corners....During 3 aurumn evenings in 2003 the second edition of POLDERLICHT took place in the Polderweg area in Amsterdam. More than thirty artists exhibited licht and sound art, especially made for the locations they had chosen.

With the help of route-maps more than 3000 visitors went out to explore the 'shabby' Polderweg area from one artwork to the other. Some works were big, some were small and a bit hidden, almost all of them could be seen or heard from the street. In between live acts performed.

All sorts of companies and establishments in the Polderweg area collaborated with Polderlicht. They selflessly submitted their buildings and terrains to be used. This makes the area and its users into ingrated part of the exhibition. The Polderweg area is on the breach of a radical clean up and the new housing projects shall change it unrecognisably. Polderlicht was inthat sense a kind of 'hommage' to this special shredded hem of Amsterdam Oost.

During Polderlicht the artworks were shown without any accompanied commentary or explanation, the works needed to speak for themselves. Also during the first part of this dvd ('de route') the artworks pass by without any explanation or titel. In this way we hope the that experience of three autumn evenings comes to the best justice.

more information on the project and on ordering this cd rom contact: Stichting Polderlicht, Loes Diephuis and John Prop