Publicatie kunst in de openbare ruimte Veenendaal


Art with public buildings

Johan Huibers: " A traditional village tale got its' theatrical museum radiance with the rebuilding and upgrading of De Lampegiet theatre. De lanterns of Tamar Frank are new 'lightcarriers' of the young living city of Veenendaal"

In 2003 architect Johan Huibers, former member of the art commission, presented his renovation design for De Lampegiet theatre. This renovation was completed in 2004. The frontal view obtained a more open character by using a lot of glass at the front entrance giving a better view of the upper lobby. Huibers also suggested to encorporate an artwork to emphasize the new transparency. The idea accumulated to use lichtobjects that can shimmer festively to attract the audience to the theatre.

In May 2004 documentation was gathered of a few young beginning artists. Tamar Frank showed out with her functional use of light and her attention for architectectural context. She was asked to present a sketch design for the art commission. The historic aspect of De Lampegiet was the incentive for the design. Around the entrance seven pillars were mounted. In the pillars light sources were applied to make them appear like lanterns. Through slits, that were applied treadlike rithmically creating a curve movement, the light shines outwards. The slits have been created without any visible connections giving a maximum effect. The curve movement returns in various design aspects within the theatre. The uncloaking of the lanterns was part of the opening ceremony.