Utrechts Nieuwsblad

27th of January 2003 "licht van kilometers nylondraad" by Maria Nieuwenhuis, foto by Marnix Schmidt


The 28 year old light artist, Tamar Frank, has been working like a Budhist monk. For two weeks she been fastening five kilometers of nylonthread in Utrecht exhibitionspace Moira. Blacklight makes the threads light up. With an incredible precision she has been fastening threads at equal distance from each other. " from early morning till late at night I have been working, it's a meditative process," sais Frank "it makes me really calm." The artinitiative Moira has built an extra wall,to be able to fasten the threads, especially for the artwork. In the wall there is a square hole. "To enable us to experience the art from different angles, "Frank explains. Another bundel of threads is spun between the floor and ceiling. The artist from Hilversum always works with light. After doing artschool in Maastricht she designed a lightplan for a tunnel in Hoorn among other things. But never before has her work been so explicitly three dimensional. " I really wanted to reach out to the third dimension this time," she sais. In the mystical atmospere that the artwork exhales you notice a sign with the text: "please no cigarettes near the threads!!!" Frank: " If you hold a cigarette against it the thread will snap. Because I have threaded the work in loops I will lose eight threads at once." So far this doom scenario has been spared. The lightartwork can best be seen when it is dark. The contrast between the threads and it's surroundings are most intense then. When dusk sets the work lights up. For this reason the choice has been made to keep the light burning all night.